Meet Sasha Ramos

We ask all of our scholarship applicants to submit an essay with their application each year. So, over the past 5 years, we have read through dozens and dozens of essays. We ask them to write about a challenging circumstance they had to overcome while attending high school. Many of these essays have brought tears to my eyes and it’s always a tough decision to choose just one student to award our scholarship to and this year was no exception.

Smart, Gifted, Determined and Caring

We knew Sasha Ramos had to be pretty special to achieve all that she had during a global pandemic. I mean this young woman never skipped a beat even during Covid 19.

Sasha played Volleyball, ran track and field throwing both discus and shot put and in fact, almost breaking the school record in shot put. She also played the viola in the orchestra, sang in the elite Crimsonaires Show Choir, was in the high school musical all 4 years as well as voted president of the Senior Class of 2021.

Even though she had all of this extracurricular activity going on before and after school, she somehow managed to work part time at Culver’s for the past three years and maintained a very high GPA.

So as if that wasn’t impressive enough, she also shared some of her personal story with us which included being a caregiver to her single mom while she was struggling with some health issues.

Making a Big Impact on the World

Sasha said, “Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I wanted to do something with my life to help others.” As Sasha continues her education at Indiana University in Bloomington in the Fall of 2021, she will be majoring in Social Work with her eye on Law School after she finishes her undergraduate degree. We were honored to have our first female recipient of the Austin Weirich Memorial Scholarship Fund be Sasha Ramos in 2021. We’re pretty sure she’s not only going to help others but also make a big impact on this world.


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